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M Pools and Landscapes Ltd.

The Complete Swimming Pool and Landscape Service

4a, Kennet Weir Business Park, 

Arrowhead Rd, Theale, 

Reading, RG7 4AD

E-mail: [email protected] 

Text: 07999336889 / Tel No. 01189 303136

VAT Registration Number: 391260795

On Site Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Liners  

Heavy Duty Commercial Swimming Pool Liners

M Pools offers a nationwide service for heavy duty swimming pool lining. Heavy duty pool liners are usually used in commercial situations but many domestic pool owners are now having them installed. No matter what the size or shape of your pool we can put a liner in it. Whether it is for a home, a school, leisure center, holiday park, commercial or domestic, we can prepare and install a heavy duty liner for you.

What is the difference between a Heavy Duty Pool Liner and a Regular Pool Liner?

      A typical domestic liner is cut and welded in a factory using measurements provided to them by us (or 

      you) and brought to site as a completed item where it will be installed in the pool shell. Heavy duty liners 

      are installed on site. They are known within the pool trade as "on site liners". We arrive on site with the 

      liner material in rolls. We measure the pool and cut the material on site then with our specialist tools we 

      weld the liner in the pool to give a perfect fit.

What are the advantages of On Site Heavy Duty Lining?

      Normal domestic liners are made from vinyl that is 0.75mm thick. The material used for on site lining is 

      1.5mm thick vinyl with an internal polyester mesh. This means the liner will be much more robust and                hard wearing. This is an important requirement for a school or holiday park pool but just as important for 

      a private pool. All our on site liners come with a 10 year warranty but you could expect to get 20 years 

      useful life from one.  You can run your pool at up to 32C (90F). The maximum temperature for a domestic 

      liner is 28C (82F). For many people 28C is not warm enough, many prefer a temperature of 30C. That 

      temperature would greatly shorten the life of a domestic liner, no problem to an on site heavy duty liner


Fix a Leaking Concrete Shell.

      If your pool was built as a concrete pool but is now leaking then installing an on site liner will seal that leak 

      making a perfect solution to refurbishing a swimming pool that has seen better days.  Always a perfect fit, 

      because it is measured on site the liner will always fit perfectly no matter how complicated the shape of 

      the pool.

Steps in the same colour. Instead of a white fibreglass step unit you can have steps that are the same pattern and colour as the main body of the pool.