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image of blue pool liners in a swimming pool full of water Blog

Pool Liners: 5 Surprising Things You Need To Know

The Surprising Benefits to Using Pool Liners When you’ve finally made the decision that you want to invest in a swimming pool, the options can be a little overwhelming. There are a few decisions that you need to make and things you need to know before you can get started. Here at M Pools we …

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how to keep swimming pool clean Blog

Your Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean

Learn the best tips and tricks for keeping your swimming pool clean and pristine.

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How much does it cost to build a swimming pool Blog

How much does it cost to build a Swimming Pool in 2023?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the factors that influence the cost of building a swimming pool, ensuring you’re well-informed before taking the plunge into your new aquatic oasis.

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an outdoor swimming pool with large canopy cover installed Blog

8 Ways to Cover Your Swimming Pool

Looking to cover your swimming pool? Covering your swimming pool can add character to your swimming pool, and protect you from UV exposure!

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a swimming pool full of algae Blog

3 Types of Swimming Pool Algae

Swimming pool algae come in three different colours that are green, black, and yellow. Here’s how to remove it!

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an outdoor swimming pool with large canopy cover Blog

Types of Swimming Pool Installation

Unsure on the best type of swimming pool installation for you? This guide will navigate you through the different types of swimming pool installation.

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a swimming pool with grey liner over the top Blog

6 Types of the Best Swimming Pool Covers

When taking care of a in-ground swimming pool, having the right type of cover can make all the difference. Finding the right cover can be a bit tricky and will depend upon a variety of factors including your pool shape, size, and of course, what you need the cover for.

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a large lawn garden with outdoor pool installation by M Pools & Landscapes Blog

Swimming Pool Maintenance Advice

If you have moved to a new house and it has a swimming pool, then you’ll need to maintain it. Read this blog to find out more about swimming pool maintenance advice.

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